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Tiny Touch - In Memory of William

The weeks leading up to the birth of a baby carry so much excitement. Adding the final touches to their room, setting up the car with the car seat and the anticipation, whether it be your first child or fourth, on how this little being will fit within your home and family. But imagine walking through those hospital doors ready to give birth and never getting to leave the hospital with your baby. This was the case for my dear friend Jasmine and her husband James. Jasmine and James are the kindest, most positive people I’ve ever had the privilege of knowing. You’d be mistaken by their warm smiles when you meet them of all they have been through and...

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Whipped Body Butter

They say that stretch marks from pregnancy is determined by genetics and not by what you put on your skin. I am of the opinion that lathering yourself in a gorgeous homemade organic body butter surely can't hurt. In fact, this pregnancy, with a toddler in tow, I have made the conscious effort to put that extra effort into my previously nonexistent beauty routine. And as a result, I feel so much more confident within myself.    I got this body butter recipe from The Wellness Mama- It's incredibly moisturizing and leaves your skin feeling amazing. I made this through both my pregnancies but this time around added the mango butter and lessened the cacao butter and I think...

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